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OER: Math

A guide to Open Educational Resources for Surry Community College faculty

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This video series shows students the relevance of statistics in real-world settings. The new series maintains the same emphasis on “doing” statistics. Each unit is based on a video module that introduces a statistical topic in real-world context and takes you on location to where people from all walks of life are using statistics in their work. Starting with descriptive statistics, the course continues through probability and inference. Examples range from finding patterns in lightning strikes, to examining possible genetic resistance to deadly Lassa fever in West Africa, to linking DDT to the decline of peregrine falcons.

The Course Shells area holds campus- and faculty-specific course areas. Each course shell is uniquely designed to address the needs of faculty and their students and typically contain text remixes (i.e., texts generated from existing content often with customized editing and/or content interspersed) that students and faculty can directly access for their class activities. While the textbooks in the Bookshelves are centrally curated by the development team, the text remixes in the Course Shells are primarily curated by the faculty that created them. The Course shells can be exported into Learning Management Systems or as PDFs or even as physical texts available on the Libretexts Bookstore. For details in how to construct a Course Shell for your class contact us at