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  • Take free practice quizzes to assess your skills offers support for the following courses:


  • ACA-111: College Student Success
  • ACA-118: College Study Skills
  • ACA-122: College Transfer Success


  • ART-111: Art Appreciation
  • ART-114: Art History Survey I
  • ART-115: Art History Survey II

Business and Accounting

  • ACC-120: Principles of Financial Accounting I
  • ACC-121: Principles of Managerial Accounting
  • ACC-122: Principles of Financial Accounting II
  • ACC-220: Intermediate Accounting
  • ACC-225: Cost Accounting
  • BUS-110: Introduction to Business
  • BUS-115: Business Law
  • BUS-121: Business Math
  • BUS-137: Principles of Management
  • BUS-139: Entrepreneurship I
  • ECO-151: Survey of Economics
  • ECO-251: Introductory Microeconomics

Career Coaching and Services

  • Live Interview Preparation
  • Job Search - National and Local
  • Live Interview Applications
  • Online Job Applications
  • Career Resources
  • Cover Letter and Resume Strategies

Computers and MS Office

  • CIS-110: Introduction to Computers
  • CSC-134: Programming C++
  • CSC-153: Programming C#
  • CTI-110: Database Systems
  • DBA-110: Database Concepts
  • OST-131: Keyboarding
  • OST-134: Text Entry and Formatting
  • OST-136: Word Processing
  • OST-137: Office Applications
  • OST-148: Medical Insurance and Billing
  • OST-164: Office Editing
  • WEB-140: Web Design
  • WEB-151: Mobile Application Development I

Electrical Engineering (6PM - Midnight, Monday-Friday)

  • ELC-112: DC/AC Electricity
  • ELC-117: Motor and Controls
  • ELC-131: Circuit Analysis I
  • ELN-131: Analog Electronics I
  • ELN-132: Analog Electronics II
  • ELN-133: Digital Electronics

English and Communication

  • ENG-003: Transition English
  • ENG-110: Freshmen Composition
  • ENG-111: Writing and Inquiry
  • ENG-112: Writing and Research
  • ENG-114: Professional Research and Reporting
  • ENG-125: Creative Writing
  • ENG-231: American Literature I
  • ENG-232: American Literature II
  • ENG-241: British Literature I


  • HIS-111: World Civilizations I
  • HIS-112: World Civilizations II
  • HIS-131: American History I
  • HIS-132: American History II
  • HIS-145: The Second World War


  • MAT-003: Transition Math
  • MAT-110: Math Measurement and Literacy
  • MAT-121: Algebra and Trigonometry I
  • MAT-143: Quantitative Reasoning
  • MAT-152: Statistics
  • MAT-171: Precalculus Algebra
  • MAT-172: Precalculus Trigonometry
  • MAT-271: Calculus I
  • MAT-272: Calculus II
  • MAT-280: Linear Algebra
Nursing & Allied Health
  • Medical Coding
  • MED-110: Orientation to Medical Assisting
  • MED-121: Medical Terminology I
  • MED-122: Medical Terminology II
  • MED-131: Administrative Office Procedures
  • NCLEX Help
  • NUR-103: Practical Nursing III
  • NUR-111: Introduction to Health Concepts
  • NUR-117: Pharmacology
  • NUR-211: Health Care Concepts
  • NUR-212: Health System Concepts
  • NUR-221: LPN to ADN Concepts I
  • PTA-110: Introduction to Physical Therapy
  • PTA-130: Physical Therapy Procedures I
  • PTA-160: Physical Therapy Procedures II
  • PTA-170: Pathophysiology
  • BIO-110: Principles of Biology
  • BIO-111: General Biology I
  • BIO-112: General Biology II
  • BIO-163: Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • BIO-168: Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO-169: Anatomy and Physiology II
  • BIO-275: Microbiology
  • CHM-131: Introduction to Chemistry
  • CHM-151: General Chemistry I
  • CHM-251: Organic Chemistry I
  • PHY-110: Conceptual Physics
  • PHY-131: Physics - Mechanics
  • PHY-151: College Physics I
  • PHY-251: General Physics I

Social Sciences

  • CJC-111: Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • GEO-111: World Regional Geography
  • PHI-240: Introduction to Ethics (6PM-12AM Daily)
  • POL-120: American Government
  • PSY-118: Interpersonal Psychology
  • PSY-150: General Psychology
  • PSY-231: Forensic Psychology
  • PSY-241: Developmental Psychology
  • PSY-281: Abnormal Psychology
  • SOC-110: Introduction to Sociology


  • SPA-111: Elementary Spanish I
  • SPA-112: Elementary Spanish II
  • SPA-211: Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPA-212: Intermediate Spanish II

Student Success: Life Skills

  • Healthy Habits
  • Motivation and Goals
  • Stress Management
  • Using Technology

Student Success: Study Skills

  • Finding Scholarly Resources
  • Note-taking
  • Organizational Skills
  • Study Strategies
  • Time Management


  • Live Writing Help
  • Creative Writing Help
  • Technical Writing Help
  • Research Papers
  • ESL Writing