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Academic Support Center

connect in teamsThe ASC offers FREE tutoring in many subjects, including:

Biology  •  Business, Accounting, & Economics  •  Chemistry  •  Communication  •  Computers  •  Criminal Justice  •  Engineering  •  English (all levels)  •  History  •  Math (all levels)  •  Physical Therapy  •  Physics  •  Psychology  •  Sociology  •  Spanish  •  Writing (all levels)  •  and more!

What Your Classmates are Saying

"I felt very uncomfortable with my writing because online learning prevents me from seeing my professors and getting feedback, but she made me feel confident in my paper. I know I will be back for many more assignments."
"This tutor was wonderful. Explained everything in a way I could understand and helped me work through problems with drawing. It was extremely helpful since I am a visual learner."
"I have such a hard time with Math - this tutor really helped me out a lot. I came away with a much clearer understanding."
"I really loved this session I just had! The tutor was great and helped answer many questions I had! This was the first time I have used the ASC, but I definitely plan to keep using it."
"I really liked how my tutor way very direct and answered my questions very quick and simple yet informative."
"Helped me actually understand the problem and how to get the right answer. Very helpful and kind."
"My tutor went above and beyond to help me with my question. He was even able to find an article that was related to the topic and shared it with me. Great tutor!"
"I learned more about the subject I am studying. It was definitely worth my time and will help me understand for my test."
"He was very helpful in helping me understand why I chose certain steps and pointing out what I needed to fix."

Keep in mind

  • The assigned tut​or will work with the student at regularly scheduled sessions throughout the semester.
  • One-time tutoring sessions are available to help students with reading and writing assignments in any subject; appointments for these sessions can be scheduled by calling (336) 386-3460 or visiting the ASC.