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Success Resources: Services

Fall 2020 Tutoring Times

  • Anatomy & Physiology:
  • Chemistry:
    • CHM-131 | CHM-151 | CHM-152 (Microsoft Teams)
      • Tu/Wed/Thur: 10-11am & 1-2pm in Teams links
      • Fri: 8-9am in Teams links
  • Economics:
    • ECO-251 (Microsoft Teams) - during the times listed below only
    • In-person (R-212) and virtual help available:
      • Mon: 8-9am
      • Tu: 8-10am
      • Wed: 8-9am
      • Th: 9-10:30
      • Fri: 11am-noon
  • Math: Contact Donald Fowler at
    • R-212, 9am-5pm (M-TH)
    • Drop-in Math Help (Microsoft Teams)
    • After hours and weekends - use the link in Moodle
  • Physics
    • In-person (R-212) and online in Microsoft Teams
      • Mon: 8-9am
      • Tu: 8-10am
      • Wed: 8-9am
      • Th: 9-10:30
      • Fri: 11am-noon
  • Writing/Social Sciences/Humanities: Contact Jesse Cockerham at
  • FREE 24/7 Online Tutoring (Access in Moodle):
    • Free online tutoring available in most subject areas (view full info)
    • Use the link available in Moodle.

Academic Advising

Melissa Recknor
Advising Director
Phone: 336-386-3628

Disability Services

Laura Braken
Phone: 336-386-3443

Disability Service
1-800-735-2962 (TTY)
1-800-735-8262 (voice)​​​

Citing Drop-in Help

The Writing Lab and the SCC Library provides citation help during normal hours of operation. You may also chat with a librarian 24/7.

Citation/Research Drop-In Help (bring materials with you)
Every Monday & Wednesday from 1-3pm with Alan Unsworth, Director of Academic Support & Research

Financial Aid

Andrea Simpson
Phone: 336-386-3263

Tech Help

Technology Services Help Desk
Phone: 336-386-3434
Visit: E-135, help desk staff available

Career Services

Rachel Hiatt
Jobs Connect / Workforce Specialist
Phone: 336-386-3291