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OER: Economics

A guide to Open Educational Resources for Surry Community College faculty

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Beginning with the details of an unnamed country, this interactive exercise lets students combine various economic policies to analyse their future impact (in the following two years) on the main macroeconomic indicators. The results and feedback given to students are expressed numerically and graphically. Students also have access to the results of the combination of policies used throughout the exercise so that they can be compared. Said results can be printed for subsequent discussion. ***Requires Adobe Flash***

This website associates short clips from the Seinfield show to economic concepts. The authors suggest, "It is the simplicity of Seinfeld that makes it so appropriate for use in economics courses. Using these clips (as well as clips from other television shows or movies) makes economic concepts come alive, making them more real for students. Ultimately, students will start seeing economics everywhere – in other TV shows, in popular music, and most importantly, in their own lives." The authors have also created an index of economic terms which are linked to the appropriate episode(s).

Explore economic history, theory, and practice through case studies and interviews with Nobel-prize winning and major economists. The series covering macro, micro, and international economics features Milton Friedman, Paul Samuelson, John Kenneth Galbraith, Alice Rivlin, and Ben Bernanke, among others. Major economic events, including the 2008 banking crisis and technology’s influence on the economy, connect economic theory to the headlines. The full complement of material includes audio interviews and a coordinated website.

Searchable abstracts of over 100 noncomputerized classroom games to illustrate fundamental micro/macroeconomic principles. Sorted by subject area and other functional categories. Full references provided, often including original author email and URL.

Interactive website which places user in poverty situation due to loss of job, and then challenges user to make important choices across a broad set of contingencies. (In addition to educational value, the site solicits donations for sponsoring organization.) ***Requires Adobe Flash***

A repository of tools and educational materials designed to improve quantitative literacy skills in social science courses. Built especially for faculty teaching post-secondary courses in such areas as demography, economics, geography, political science, social psychology, and sociology, the materials include stand-alone learning activities, tools, and pedagogy services.

Includes current monthly economic statistics for most countries and areas of the world. The statistics are obtained by from official sources in the various countries, except where otherwise stated in the notes to the tables. Updated monthly.

At the World Bank, the Development Data Group coordinates statistical and data work and maintains a number of macro, financial and sector databases. Working closely with the Bank’s regions and Global Practices, the group is guided by professional standards in the collection, compilation and dissemination of data to ensure that all data users can have confidence in the quality and integrity of the data produced.