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Setting Up and Customizing Your Summon Instance: Summon Admin

Presentation for the 2018 NCCCLA Conference in Asheboro, NC

Activate Chat (YES)

Summon Chat

Since Summon is where most searches will now take place, having the chat box in the same window as the results makes communication and getting help easier. Discovery service is where searches will take place so having the chat box in the same windows of the results makes everything easier, facilitates communication.

Summon Chat

Serial Solutions / Summon / Administration Console / Settings (upper menu) / Chat (Left Column)

Summon Chat settings

Information you need to know to configure chat in Summon

Our case/ChatStaff

Chat Info


Find Queue

Dashboard ChatStaff / Queues

or...The LibraryH3lp Queue is ""

Find Skin (5 Digit #)

Chat Skins

You should be able to find this info on the LibraryH3lp site, or you can find it in the URL of the chat box.

Note: The chat icon disappears on the Summon homepage on mobile because Summon does NOT support the chat functionality on mobile.

Find more information about Enable Chat Widget for LibraryH3lp, LibAnswers v1, LibAnswers v2, QuestionPoint.

Custome Panel Sections - Communication tool (YES)

Use it as another communication tool.  Discovery service is where most of the searches will take place.

Important News, Tutorials, Promote databases and services

Summon Tiles

a. Design panel in Libguides

b. Copy code from LibGuides

LibGuides Code

c. Paste code in Summon Panel Sections

Serial Solutions / Summon / Administration Console / Pages (upper Menu) / Custom Panel Sections

Summon Panel Code

d. Make sure you select PERSISTENT if you need the panel to show up all the time.


Usage Statistics (YES)

Good for annual reports!!!

You can tell when something is going on, more visits than usual during the day.

Compare activity: same month, different year.

Usage Stats Historical Not to use


Historical: Provides older reports with data through 2016.  The reports are built on Urchin, a Google analytics platform that Google is no longer maintaining.




Usage Statistics Current



Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) has statistics from November 2016 to present.





Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI)

Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI)











16 Reports you have access

  1. Action Usage Searches
  2. Action Usage Searches weekly
  3. Devices Usage
  4. Devices Usage
  5. Facet Usage
  6. Facet Usage weekly
  7. Popular Searches
  8. Popular Searches weekly
  9. Session Usage
  10. Session Usage weekly
  11. Simple list of Action Usage
  12. Simple list of Device Usage
  13. Simple list of Facet Usage
  14. Simple list of Zero Result Searches
  15. Zero Result Searches
  16. Zero Result Searches weekly

Available export formats include PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Web Archive (.mht), Data (CSV, Tab Delimited, or XML).

Default Report is last 7 Months

You can create date ranges: When you open the report:  EDIT / Tab Criteria / Modify Filters / Results

Usage Stats Date Range

Usage Stats Graph

Trending Subjects

Trending Subjects

Why is it good to look at stats once in a while?

  • Developing Collection
  • Library Instruction
  • Best Bets

Add results beyond your library's collection (NO)

Takes students to a lot of dead links.

It gives students the option to Interlibrary Loan Request (Do we really want this?)

Add results beyond library collection Dead Links

Keep it as simple as possible.

Change the option in Summon

Serial Solutions / Summon / Administrative Console / Refine your search / Add Results Beyond Collection / Custom / Off / Save Settings

Add results beyond your library's collection


Open Access

Open Sources

Open Access pic

More Information about Open Access Indicator

NOTE from Serial Solutions: The new Open Access filter for Summon is a work in progress (or “beta”) as we will be continuously working with our customer community and publisher/provider partners to define and identify what is appropriate Open Access content to flag in the Summon index.  In addition, there may be issues related to linking, proxying of content and/or match-and-merge rules which may impact user expectations and that will be addressed based on customer feedback after investigation. Please note that investigation may take time and we appreciate your patience.



Data Management: ERIC, PubMed, DOAJ

Best Bets

Based on Usage Statistics or Reference questions Create an Best Bet

Best Bets Config

When search "Academic Support Center" or any other of the Tags words, this is what students can see:


Best Bet Summon