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Timeline: Faith in America


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MLA 9th Edition Book Cover Image    •  In-Text Citations  

   •  Works Cited List   

   •  Sample Papers & Templates   

   •  Additional Support

MLA Formatting Style

  1. MLA Header: Include a standard MLA header in the header section of each page in the top-right corner. The header should be your last name and page number: Smith 1.
  2. Standard MLA Format: Double space the entire paper, and use a standard 12-point font such as Times New Roman. Use 1-inch margins.
  3. Standard MLA Heading: Begin with the normal MLA heading (your name, instructor's name, course section, and date each on a separate line) in the top-left corner.
  4. Title: On the next line after the heading, center the title of your paper.
  5. Body: On the line after your title, begin the body of your paper (no extra lines). Indent the first line of each paragraph half an inch.
  6. In-Text Citations: Include in-text citations in parenthesis ( ) throughout the body of your paper whenever you borrow words or ideas from an outside source. See the Library’s Quick Guide for MLA In-Text Citations for additional information.
  7. Works Cited Page: The last page of your research paper should be a list of all the sources you’ve cited throughout your paper. Title this page Work(s) Cited, and then list your sources in MLA format. The entries should be in alphabetical order and have a hanging indent.

For additional formatting information, ask a librarian or see The MLA Style Center’s Website