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Film Criticism

A Guide for Research at Surry Community College

Citing a DVD (MLA)

Provide the title of the film in italics, the director, the film's distribution company, and the year of release. Between the title and the distributor you may also list other parties that are relevant to your paper or that will help with identification of the film, including screenwriters, actors, producers, etc.

how to cite a film in MLA 8. Basic form: Title. Director's Name. Performers Names. Production Company, Year of Release.

Citing YouTube or a Video on a Website (MLA)

Put the title of the film in quotations, then the website name in italics, and follow that with the uploader or creator. This may be a username or poster name. Then, find the date the video was uploaded or published on the Internet and copy/paste the URL to the video, making sure to remove https:// from the URL.

citing a youtube video or video from a website

Citing Netflix, Hulu, etc. (MLA)

citing streaming services in mla format