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Academic Support Center: Get a Tutoring Appointment!

Math/Sciences Tutoring:
Donald Fowler, Asst. Director

English/Writing/Humanities/Social Sciences Tutoring:
Jesse Cockerham, Asst. Director

All Other Requests/Inquiries:
Alan Unsworth, Director

Students needing a tutor may come by the Academic Support Center, call or email the ASC Director or Assistant Directors to schedule appointments. The application for tutoring is linked on this page. Generally, students can expect a two- to five-day wait for placement with a tutor.

The assigned tut​or will work with the student at regularly scheduled sessions throughout the semester. One-time tutoring sessions are available to help students with reading and writing assignments in any subject; appointments for these sessions can be scheduled by calling (336) 386-3460 or visiting the ASC. Study sessions are also available in some subject areas.

All tutoring takes place in the library and is supervised by the Assistant Directors.​