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VPATs and Accessibility Documents: Library Products

A repository to assist libraries in accessibility compliance

Disclaimer: The presence of a VPAT on this website does not indicate that the vendor/product is compliant with any accessibility standard, nor does it indicate the product is approved or recommended by Surry Community College.

A VPAT is a starting point to determine compliance. Most documents on this site are Section 508 VPATs, not WCAG 2.0 AA, so some criteria needed to assess WCAG 2.0 AA compliance are not contained in these documents. Contact the accessibility team at your college and product vendors for more information.


No VPAT available. Confirmed by ALLDATA representative to AU on 5/25/16: "Generally speaking the ALLDATA Repair database is not a database that is able to be used by blind or otherwise disabled persons and hasn’t been designed as such."

American Chemical Society

American Mathematical Society

Association for Computing Machinery


Current developing a VPAT. Expected in the coming weeks. Request made by AU on 5/25/16.

Gale Cengage

Geographic Research

GeoScience World


No VPAT available. Request made by AU on 5/25/16.

Morningstar Accessibility Information

Nuwav Information Systems

Recorded Books

No VPAT available. Request made by AU on 5/25/16.

Therapeutic Research Center

No VPAT for Natural Medicines available. Request made by AU on 5/25/16.