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Searching Summon: Boxes, Widgets, and Your Catalog: Catalog

Presentation for the 2018 NCCCLA Conference in Asheboro, NC

Traditional Catalog Search


Summon Catalog Search

Catalog Ingestion Process

  • Give Summon access to your catalog
    • CCLINC: An MOU has already been signed by the System Office and John Wood - - can help you begin the process.
    • All Others: Local library and/or IT administrators can provide access.
  • Complete the Summon Catalog Workbook
    • You need to provide:
      • ILS type/version
      • # of bibliographic records to be uploaded
      • Catalog URL
      • Deep catalog link example
      • MARC field unique identier
        • CCLINC: 001 Control Number
      • MARC field for location info
        • CCLINC: to be answered by NCCC System Office staff
      • Provide location codes as well as what you want to appear in Summon
        • Example: STACKS (catalog location) appears as General Book Collection in Surry's Summon instance
      • CC System Office staff or your local library and/or IT admin will then upload your records via FTP to (username and password will be provided by Summon)
      • Provide information about how you would like to handle deleted records
        • CCLINC: NCCC System Office staff will provide this information
      • Provide information about any institutional repositories you would like included in your Summon instance