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NCCCLA Conference 2016: FAQs


What is included for the $175 exhibit fee?

One 6-foot undraped table with 2 chairs

What sponsorship opportunities are available?

Exhibit Space $175

Sponsored Break $500

Exhibit Space and Sponsored Break $625

Sponsored Reception $700

Exhibit Space and Sponsored Reception $825

Are electrical outlets available?

There are a limited number of electrical outlets. Please indicate on your registration form if you need to be near an electrical outlet.

Do you provide extension cords?

Yes, but if you need to bring an extension cord, please also bring electrical/gaffers tape to tape the cords down so they are not a tripping hazard.

Do you provide table skirts/covers?

No, these are not provided by the college or NCCCLA. Vendors should bring their own table covers/skirts if they wish.

How do I access Wi-Fi?

A login will be provided.

Where may vendors park?

Vendors may park in any legally designated parking space. Vendors may not park in spaces designated for staff or any other reserved space.

Is there a loading dock available?

There is no loading dock, but vendors may use any of the entrances to the NC Viticulture and Enology Center.

Can I ship display materials early?

Vendors are responsible for bringing and taking away all of their materials. The college cannot receive or ship any materials.

When will I know where my exhibit space is located?

You will be notified by email a week before the conference as to your booth assignment. Booth assignments are on a “first-come” basis.

What time can vendors begin setting up?

Vendors may arrive on Thursday, March 10th at 7:30 a.m. to begin setting up.

Can I make sales during the conference?

Vendors may not sell on college property without a vendor license. A copy of the vendor license must be supplied to the site coordinator.

Will vendors have access to a copier or fax machine?

No, neither a copier nor a fax machine will be available at the conference.

Where can I eat if I didn’t sign up for lunch on one or both days?

Vendors may choose to eat at the catered lunches (please indicate on the Exhibitor Form if you would like to eat lunch and/or dinner). There is a list of nearby restaurants located on the "Housing" page for your convenience, as well.

Will the exhibit hall be secure during the evening and non-conference hours?

The exhibit will be secure during the event. Items must be brought in the day of the event and removed when the event is over. The college does not store items and is not responsible for items left in the Conference Center.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Libby Stone