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ENG-114: Workplace Problems


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How Immigrant Workers Experience Workplace Problems: A Qualitative Study

de Castro, Arnold B, PhD, MSN/MPH, RN; Fujishiro, Kaori, PhD; Sweitzer, Erica; Oliva, Jose

Wall St. Cheat Sheet: 3 Old Problems in the Workplace That Should Be Solved By Now
Weblog post.

Employers grapple with telecommuter, technology risks

Greenwald, Judy

Workplace bullying, sleep problems and leisure-time physical activity: a prospective cohort study

Hansen, Åse Marie, PhD; Gullander, Maria, PhD; Hogh, Annie, PhD

Domestic abuse: a hidden workplace problem

Gurchiek, Kathy

Harassment remains major workplace problem; Informal environments, social media fuel problems

Judy Greenwald

Society's problems cross into the workplace

Judy Greenwald

Problems of vision, hearing and balance and risks of workplace injury

Palmer, Keith

Note: make sure you hit the bottom "Download PDF" to see the document.

Depression in the workplace remains costly problem: Workers seldom use assistance programs offered

Dunning, Matt

One for the road

Griffiths, John

Workplace mental health: developing an integrated intervention approach

Anthony D LaMontagne, Angela Martin, Kathryn M Page, Nicola J Reavley, Andrew J Noblet, Allison J Milner, Tessa Keegel, Peter M Smith

Gearing Up to Solve Workplace Noise Problems


Workplace Stress Is an Often Overlooked Safety & Health Problem, Survey Shows


Violence in the workplace: Containing the problem

Filippi, S Thomas.

Concerns mount over workplace bullying: Pressure builds to pass laws targeting problem

Greenwald, Judy

Trends in health surveillance

Markiewicz, Dan

Lighting in the workplace - A glaring problem?

Howarth, Peter

Workplace violence: then and now

Appleby, Michael. The Safety & Health Practitioner21.7 (Jul 2003): 12.

Workplace Bullying in Nursing

Ovayolu, Özlem; Ovayolu, Nimet; Karadag, Gülendam.

Case management services for work related upper extremity disorders: Integrating workplace accommodation and problem solving

Shaw, William S, PhD; Feuerstein, Michael, PhD

The Dynamics of Pushing and Pulling in the Workplace: Assessing and Treating the Problem

Brace, Tony, MS

Swedish Sonographers’ perceptions of ergonomic problems at work and their suggestions for improvement
Jenny Gemark Simonsen and Gunvor Gard

Office ergonomics: Analyzing the problem & creating solutions
Robertson, Michelle M; Courtney, Theordore K.

Development and First Phase Evaluation of a Maternity Leave Educational Tool for Pregnant, Working Women in California
Elaine Kurtovich, Sylvia Guendelman, Linda Neuhauser, Dana Edelman, Maura Georges, and Peyton Mason-Marti

Trust & Betrayal in the Workplace : Building Effective Relationships in Your Organization

Reina, Dennis S. and Reina, Michelle L.

Generational Challenges Abound in Workplace

How to Manage Generational Differences in the Workplace
Calvert, Lindsay.

Fall protection leads list of top 10 OSHA violations


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Possible Topics:

  • Equal Pay issues
  • Technology-Related Problems
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Health-Related Problems (Depression, Stress, Physical Injuries, Weight Issues, vision, hearing, falls, etc.)
  • Abuse at home and Its Effect on the Workplace
  • Problems with Diversity
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Problems with Drugs and Alcohol
  • Workplace Injuries
  • Noise and/or Light Issues
  • Generational Issues among Workers
  • Violence in the Workplace
  • Communication among Workers and with Bosses
  • Motivation and Morale
  • Workplace Violence
  • Problems Experienced by Immigrant Workers
  • Maternity leave, now often called parental or family leave
  • Ergonomic problems
  • Generational Differences / Age
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