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Citing Guide

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  • Always use double-spacing, Times New Roman font, and 12 point font size in your paper and on your Works Cited page.
  • Always use hanging indents on your Works Cited citations. If a citation is longer than a single line, make sure to indent (or tab in) every line after the first line. The top line of the citation should be left "hanging."
  • MLA recommends all sources, regardless of format, are cited using the core elements in this order, whenever possible: Author, title of source, title of container, other contributors, version, number, publisher, publication date, location.


Omit “http://” or “https://” from the website address.

Hollmichel, Stefanie. "The Reading Brain." So Many Books, 25 Apr. 2013,

Brown, Philip. "The Murder of the Handicapped." United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 14 Dec. 2015,

Print Book

Jacobs, Alan. The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction. Oxford UP, 2011.

Dorris, Michael, and Louise Erdrich. The Crown of Columbus. HarperCollins Publishers, 1999.

Tobias, Jacob, Mark Edwards, and Peter Smith. Schizophrenia and Treatment in Older Adults. UNC P, 2014.

Burdick, Anne, et al. Digital Humanities. MIT P, 2012.

Nunberg, Geoffrey, editor. The Future of the Book. U of California P, 1996.

Holland, Merlin, and Rupert Hart-Davis, editors. The Complete Letters of Oscar Wilde. Henry Holt, 2000.


Omit “http://” or “https://” from the website address.

Conrad, Christian, and Marjorie Ellis Thompson. The New Brand Spirit. Gower, 2016. ebrary,

Sutton-Smith, Brian, editor. Children's Folklore: A Source Book. Utah State UP, 1999. HathiTrust Digital Library,;c=869533047.

Work in an Anthology or Collection

Boswell, John. “Categories, Experience, and Sexuality.” Columbia Reader on Lesbian and Gay Men in Media, Society, and Politics, edited by Larry Gross and James D. Woods, Columbia UP, 1999, pp. 36-47.

Recorded Film (DVD or VHS Format)

Burton, Tim, director. Ed Wood. Performance by Johnny Depp, Touchstone, 1994.

Print Scholarly Journal Article

Goldman, Anne. "Questions of Transport: Reading Primo Levi Reading Dante." The Georgia Review, vol. 64, no. 1, 2010, pp. 69-88.

Print Newspaper or Magazine Article

Williams, Michael. "The Iraq War: Ten Years Later." The New York Times, 9 Nov. 2013, p. A9.

Jones, Paula. "How to Dye Hair Without Causing Hair Loss." Hairstyling Today, 16 Jan. 2016, pp. 12-18.

Article from a Library Database

Omit “http://” or “https://” from the website address.

Aitchison, Clyde B. "The Mormon Settlements in the Missouri Valley." The Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society, vol. 8, no. 3, 1907, pp. 276-289. JSTOR,

Howorth, Carole, Sue Tempest, and Christine Coupland. "Rethinking Entrepreneurship Methodology." Journal of Small Business, vol. 12, no. 1, 2005, pp. 24-40. ProQuest,

Article on a Website

Omit “http://” or “https://” from the website address.

Johnston, Ronald. "Bloggers Need Not Apply." The Chronicle of Higher Education, 23 June 2009,

YouTube or Video on a Website

Omit “http://” or “https://” from the website address.

"Island Fever Blues." YouTube, uploaded by Jake Shimabukuro, 31 Aug. 2012,

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime

Omit “http://” or “https://” from the website address.

"Under the Gun." Pretty Little Liars, season 4, episode 6, ABC Family, 16 July 2013. Hulu,

"Camille." The Returned, season 1, episode 1, A&E. Netflix,

"Victim of the Night." Bosch, season 2, episode 3,, 11 Mar. 2016. Amazon Prime,

Tweet or Other Short Message

Omit “http://” or “https://” from the website address.

@nprinskeep. "There are reports of large street battles north & south of Tehran right now #Iranelection." Twitter, 23 June 2009, 11:15 a.m.,


Smith, Anthony J. "Re: Inquiry." Received by Jalen Thompson, 5 June 2015.


Smith, Jane. Personal interview. 19 May 2014.

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